Open Top Vapor Degreasing Solvent Replacement - Considerations for Aerospace Components

Thursday, March 30, 2023 (11am - 12pm US/Eastern)

As the EPA and local agencies implement restrictions on TCE, PERC, and nPB, Aerospace manufacturing will be forced to find alternatives. The many different types of parts being manufactured will require companies to find specific solutions to their process. This presentation will discuss some of the possible alternative cleaning processes to a variety of aerospace specific parts.

The Presentation will cover:
EPA current stance on chlorinated and brominated solvents
Considerations to making the change to an approved solvent
Considerations to making the change to a water based process
Case studies looking at a variety of Aerospace parts and possible solvent replacement options

Presented by:

Curtis Waters, Industrial Process Specialist

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Matt Gilmore
Executive Director
Manufacturing Cleaning Association
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