Webinar: Eyes on Cleaner Concentration - The Overlooked Component of Cleaning Agents

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 (11am - 12pm US/Eastern)

There are common methods to check cleaning agent concentration in industrial parts cleaning, such as chemical titration or conductivity measurement. These methods are sensitive to alkalinity or salt content from substances like caustic soda or phosphates. But they ignore the content of surfactants, which are critical for wetting parts’ surfaces and dissolving oily contamination. A lack of surfactants results in reduced cleaning quality and shortened bath lifetime.
This webinar explores SITA’s at-line and in-line bubble pressure tensiometers that are worldwide proven instruments to quickly check the surfactant concentration by physical measurement of dynamic surface tension.
A dosing of the cleaning agent or surfactant additive depending on consumption increases part quality, can save costs for chemicals and waste water, and improves overall equipment efficiency.


John Kane, President, Wyvern Industrial Technology
Andre Lohse, Head of Applications, SITA

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