Technical Cleanliness by ISO 16232 Standard

Thursday, December 16, 2021 (11am - 12pm US/Eastern)

Technical Cleanliness, is an important quality feature for many industries with individual approaches. The automotive industry agreed on an industrial standard as basis for cleanliness requirements for particle contamination, which might get further specified by the individual OEM / tier 1, depending on product time, application and critical level.

Markus Rossler will introduce the approach of ISO 16232 to a standardized determination how to inspect and evaluate components and their cleanliness levels. Apart of providing an overview to the standard, he will focus on extraction - the various methods to collect particles from the components on filter membranes, the first step before they can be evaluated.

Peter Feamster will then focus on automated Light-Optical analysis according to ISO 16232, the standardized method for detecting, measuring, and categorizing particle contamination present on 47mm filter membranes. This presentation will focus on the key features of particle analysis software that are standardized in order to make measurements from different manufacturers comparable across the automotive industry.”

Markus Rossler, Vice President, Glaser
Peter Feamster, Product Management, Jomesa

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